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Jen Hoffman

We tend to be formal in our Index and Readers’ Guide, but since Jennifer seems to prefer “Jen,” we’ll go with that. She says she started writing ten years out of college, after carefully preparing a colorful work history including gigs as a casino waitress and a telephone psychic. She’s kept a personal blog for more than five years, which puts her in the first wave of blogdom, one would think. A lot of that experience and material could lead to any number of stories.

Jen is a resident of Madison, Wisconsin, along with Bewildering Stories veteran Mark Koerner and, who knows, perhaps even others.

Thank you for sending us “Using My Head,” Jen. Even with the exotic Symbs and their pet Yawnas, it tells us that life does go on.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Jen. We hope to hear from you again soon and often.

Jen’s bio sketch and blog link can be found here.

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