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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

So What's Happening?

Well... Things move on apace. We are (slowly, but slowly) winnowing our massive backfiles for some really good stories. By the way, if you have some ideas of stories YOU'D like to see in Volume One of Bewildering Stories, certainly let your thoughts be known. Either by means of an e-mail, or in the Forum.

Once again, Bewildering Stories is moving to a new server. I hope you will not see any changes, but hey, who knows. The server we are on is running Fedora Core 2, and we are moving to a server running Fedora Core 4, and about time, I say.

By the way, totally having NOTHING to do with Bewildering Stories... If you are running a Windows machine -- either Windows 2000 or any version of XP, there is a VERY NASTY exploit running wild out in the loose, and waiting for Microsoft's "Patch Tuesday" is probably a very bad idea. So, I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend you mosey... No, run... over to ISC link at and install the offered patch. Like... Right now?

If this isn't a time to recommend a Mac (Hi, Don...) or Linux, well, I don't know when would be.

I tell you three times. Patch your Windows Box!!

And a final addendum...

Dave Kuzminski announced on the Asimov forum that the Preditors and Editors Poll is up at So mournfully, I cry out!!! Vote for us.


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