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Challenge 180

A Quick Question

In view of this issue’s exceptional length, we’ll limit the Challenge to one set of related questions.

On the Journeyman, Skoshi serves as an ensign or the equivalent of what used to be called a “cabin boy”; there is no such thing as a “cabin girl.” She cross-dresses and learns a new way to walk in order to pass as male.

Now, how does she disguise her voice? If you had to write such a story, how would you handle it? Give her a husky voice to start with? Or is she young enough that her voice doesn’t matter?

If the latter, can the doctor reasonably turn sick bay over to someone that young, no matter how skilled she is?

Bonus question: At this point, do you attach any importance other than luck to the unexpected upsurge in visits to sick bay while Skoshi is in charge?

Responses welcome!

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