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Michael E. Lloyd’s Observation One

I just finished Observation One: Singing of promises ... and I want to share my impressions. The “teaser” (i.e. synopsis) gave me no idea that the novel would be so good. I skipped it two or three times as I worked my way through the Bewildering Stories site, and finally decided to try a chapter or two to see if I liked it. I am certainly glad that I did give it a chance.

The concept is wonderful, the plot intriguing, the characters fresh and complete. You have a good eye for cities and the people and buildings that fill them. I have visited only a handful of the settings you describe, and I was 10 years old at the time, back in the early sixties. So my remembered impressions are probably about as valid as Toni’s memory of that fountain... Be that as it may, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit in this vicarious fashion.

In much of the web-published fiction I’ve read, my “editing eyeballs” are constantly correcting spelling and grammar. This not infrequently happens in fiction that has made it to the traditional print medium, as well. It was quite relaxing, and refreshing, to read something that was properly constructed. Your attention to this detail no doubt is inspired by your studies and degree in languages, but it is sufficiently unusual that I must extend my compliments.

If you decide to create “Observation Two” please let me know so that I can read it as soon as it’s available. If you’d like to send a pre-publication copy I’d be happy to look it over. I’m hoping many of the same characters will be featured, but in new places — perhaps America. You should find a higher level of inversion here, particularly in Washington, D.C.

This brings to mind the whole subject of Truth Delta Analysis. Is this an original concept? It is brilliant! If you have written further on the topic, I’d like to have a copy if possible.

Congratulations on your fine work. Thanks for listening.

Chuck Gregory

Copyright © 2006 by Chuck Gregory

Ed. note: The linked table of contents of Observation One can be found in Mike Lloyd’s bibliography.

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