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Challenge 183

Upside-Down Snow Cake

Colin P. Davies’ “The Evangelist” is a study in irony and inversions. Here are just a few:

  1. How is the title ironic?
  2. In what ways are the names “Jesus Santana” and “Paul” and “harbingers” ironic?
  3. How does the harbingers’ creed contrast with the faith supposedly professed by Santana?
  4. Santana has reservations about his plan to “rescue” Paul:
    By the next morning Santana had a plan for freeing Paul. It wasn’t a good plan. It wasn’t even a Christian plan, calling as it did for lying, deception, and even a bit of violence. But you can’t fight the Devil with snowballs, especially not on his home ground.

    In what way are Santana’s reservations about his own plan perhaps the most supreme irony of all?

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