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Bewildering Stories

Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

Random Neurons Firing

Notice how the Google Link at the bottom of the page often returns links to the TV show "Ed"? The reason why is that sometimes Google is stupid. The file name of the weekly editorial is "ed.html" so guess what? Yeah. The sound of a random neuron exploding in space.

You know, I spent about 5 hours on the computer yesterday, basically reading and responding to email, checking out the Asimov and Analog sites, checking out Jerry Pournelle's website (I highly recommend his site!!!) A vast compendium of computer news, thoughts on various political and elsewise concepts, and, oh yeah, stuff about Space and SF.

Looking at sales of the Anthology. Slow to begin with. Is that any sort of surprise? No! It'd be s shock to see anything else.

Computer time today? About the same. Or more. Gotta get out and exercise. Really. Or I could have a heart attack and die, but somehow that seems like little-to-no fun at all. Of course, I had to finish and upload my review. And then there was This Thing. But all-in-all, I'm all in.

One final neuron blast... Norwescon starts April 13th. Of course, I had that block of time set aside. Right? Yeah. Sure. Oh by the way, the friendly folks at ATI for whom I contract say, "Remember, you said you'd be in Madison Wisconsin April 10 thru 13..." Arrrgh. Oh well. I drive over to Seattle, fly to Madison, fly back to Seattle and go to the convention. Drive home. Kiss my wife. Wave goodbye and fly to Green Bay. Hrrrmp.

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