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Who is at Fault?

by Viacheslav Yatsko

I have been recently obsessed
With an overwhelming, rather queer
And somewhat peering idea:
Who is to judge a human being,
When he commits a venial sin?

And when the rich are dull and mean
With their pusses glossy, greedy
Whereas the multitudes are needy
With their lips protruding curse
Idée fixe to me occurs:
For this disparity ’tween men
Who is to sentence, to condemn?

And when the nations kill and plunder
The same idea makes me wonder:
For whole countries laying waste
Who is to doom the human race?

And when tornadoes devastate
The earth and men obliterate
I get possessed with ruling passion,
Like flame burning my obsession:
When down breaks this wicked world
Who is to blame? Who is at fault?

Copyright © 2006 by Viacheslav Yatsko

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