Issue 197

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 197

Novels Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs
    A Matter of Faith, part 1; part 2
Danielle L. Parker, Mad World Band, chapter 10
Colin P. Davies, Clifford and the Bookmole, part 1; conclusion
Ricky Ginsburg, Loss of Signal, part 1; conclusion
Alan Jackson, The Retarded Bomb
Luke Jackson, Inside the Artists’ Colony, part 1; conclusion
S. Michael Leier, The Skull Hunter, 6:
    The Hunger, part 1; part 2
Jeff Crook, Intermission Between the Opening
    of the Sixth and Seventh Seals
Poetry Caroline M. Davies, Writing a Sestina
Alan Jackson, Black Dog Blues
Suzanne Weichhart, White Garden


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Jeff Crook, Caroline Davies,
    Ricky Ginsburg, and Suzanne Weichhart
The Critics’
Rachel Parsons responds to Challenge 196
Don Webb, Between Science Fiction and Fantasy;
    Writing Pastiches
Letters C. Meton writes about “Rejections”
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Beacons of Tomorrow
Editorial Jerry Wright, The Bewildering Stories Writing School

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