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The Critics’ Corner

Science Fiction and Fantasy

by Tala Bar

In reference to: “Between Science Fiction and Fantasy,” in issue 197.

As a writer of both, I regard science fiction as no different from fantasy, except in using technology. But for me, technology is no less mystifying than magic, as I am sure it is for many readers.

On the other hand, many writers of fantasy bother too much to explain the technicalities of the use of magic, which in essence makes it no different from s.f.

In short, when I read any of these non-realistic books, I avoid reading about all the techniques mentioned, either scientific, technological or magical, enjoying only the happenings without bothering to know how they happen.

Tala Bar

Thank you for the new perspective, Tala. Perhaps you and I are looking at the matter from different viewpoints but coming to similar conclusions.


Copyright © 2006 by Tala Bar

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