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Challenge 206

Reading Between the Lines

  1. In Jeani Rector’s “The Unmarked Grave,” Cat Daniels’ father turns up his nose at those less fortunate than he. Is he believable, or is he a foil for Cat’s new-found understanding of the plight of the poor in the Great Depression? Remember that the intended audience is readers of Cat’s own age.

    Of course Cat’s father is worried that his daughter might venture into a tough neighborhood. What similar warnings has Cat received?

  2. In Gerald Budinski’s “Exit from Xanadu,” How might we reasonably surmise that Myra will not be charged with murder?

  3. How does Daniel Dives describe the scene of pandemonium in the airplane cockpit in “Catwalk”?

  4. In Louise Norlie’s “Sergeant Malvern,” by what stages does the narrator come to a recognition of his tragic flaw? And what is that tragic flaw?

  5. What elements of sarcasm and irony can you find in Slava Yatsko’s “Who Will Be the Next President of Russia”?

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