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by Jerry Wright

Different Strokes

Well, I see (by way of the Asimovs Forum, that there a couple of new paying SF 'zines. One is called "The Opinion Guy" and is a downloadable PDF magazine. He pays $25.00 per story and wants to be recognized as a SFWA qualified magazine. I wish him well. The second is And the purpose of Helix is provide a venue for short fiction from SF pros. Which is a laudable ambition. The only problem is not that the head editor, professional William Sanders, is not accepting submissions; he has roots in the SF community and can get enough submissions to provide some enjoyable reading. The problem is that his so-called "Submissions Guidelines" are purposefully written in such a manner as to antagonize people. Writers and readers alike. But Sanders gets a great deal of pleasure (or so it seems) from doing just that, so we'll have to see how it plays out.

Well, we keep growing and changing ourselves, and now we are entering our 5th year. Tune in tomorrow for some more somethingorotherness.

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