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Novel Toven telephones Audel but is cut off. Bridget frantically telephones Saul but is abruptly silenced. Howie, Saul and Toven make their way furtively into China Town, where Toven espies another of Audel’s dread hit men: Tamara Sheehan, Tenth Man : chapter 16; chapter 17; chapter 18.
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Remember the epitaph of the Vietnam war? ‘We had to destroy the village in order to save it.’ Same goes for houses infested by Type Two zombies: O. J. Anderson, X-Squad: Die A Lot More.

New contributor Bertil Falk evokes the golden age of radio drama in Crime Does Pay.

New contributor Sara Hurwitz send a quarreling couple to an ultimate reconciliation in The Hole.

Symbols sometimes matter more than war clones may realize: Luke Jackson, War Thrash, part 1; conclusion.

Be polite to those cute little elves in the forest. When they get fed up with people tromping all over their land, they become insurgent elves: R D Larson, Absolutely Gutted.
New contributor Chris Chapman asks why would anyone want to practice being a termite: Woodlust.

What are interstellar lovers to do when they have to mesh time warps and tentacles, too? They might gladly settle for being star-crossed: Sarah Ann Watts, Mr & Mrs Universe.
Poetry Doug Pugh, Waterloo Sunset
Carmen Ruggero, A Poet’s View of Death
Pete Lee, Calm People ; If Looks Could Cook ; Space
Article Tala Bar enumerates a world-wide panoply of Goddesses of War.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Chris Chapman, Jeff Crouch, Bertil Falk, and Sara Hurwitz.
Challenge Challenge 213 The Zeitgeist Rings Four Times
The Art
New contributor Jeff Crouch, Convenience Store Mirage | Dallas in Red Brick | Temple of the Cloud
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Oscar Deadwood, The Perfect Revolution.
Editorial Don Webb, The “Gauloise Curtain”Le Rideau gaulois

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Congratulations to Tamara Sheehan on her wedding, September 7th. From Bewildering Stories, the Vulcan salute: “Live long, and prosper.” To which we add: “in happiness.”

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