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Believe It

by Gloria Watts

‘When you talk about this, and you will, please be kind to me.’

He heard the forlorn tone in her voice and tried not to smile. ‘Why wouldn’t I be? That is, if I ever tell.’

‘They won’t understand. Remember you had a hard time at first.’

‘Sure honey, I remember. What a lucky guy I was. A cold wintry night and there you were.’

‘And you took care of me.’ A smile flooded her face.

He’d never forget. Pounding rain, and she appeared in a flimsy dress with bare feet and tangled hair.

He’d never been the type of guy that attracted girls, but this one clung to him. She was lost. He took her home.

He yawned. ‘Come on, time for bed.’

She shed her skin outfit, folded her wings, and climbed in beside him.

Copyright © 2007 by Gloria Watts

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