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Career Moves of the Gods

by Steven Utley

The Gods in Their Decrepitude

Minerva, Ishtar, Thoth, and Thor,
with the other deities of yore,
stripped of their divine immunities,
languish in old-folks communities
— all except for Quetzalcoatl,
who sleeps in alleys, and hugs a bottle.


Hera, don’t you think
you’re overreacting just
a bit? Ask yourself:
do you really want him back
after all this? And:
what kind of girls sleep
with a bull, or a swan, or
a shower of gold?

My Own Daily Prayer

Lord, please let someone
invent a device that fries
loud car stereos;
keep idiots and
fanatics out of office
and off my doorstep,
or give me the strength
of character not to kill
them if our paths cross;
and please keep me off
the evening news, but if
this is the final
day of my life, Lord,
don’t permit my death to be
such as provokes mirth.

Career Moves of the Gods (Anamnesis Press, 2000)

Copyright © 2007 by Steven Utley

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