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Space-Time Sonnet

by Bertil Falk

We set out that morning from Saturnus
And travelled for a zillion years of light.
It took a while for us, but that’s all right.
I’ve just one leg and wore my white cothurnus.

I went starwards like an ancient actor.
We made our first stop at a certain spot
Behind McDonald’s super-dumping lot,
The threshold of a grim Time-Spatial factor.

We made a mistake - not a sad event -
But through horizons upside-down we went,
By space-time swallowed, and that went very well.

We slipped into that slot and sort of fell,
For we were not in any kind of hurry.
Turned out that we turned up — at Glastonbury.

Copyright © 2007 by Bertil Falk

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