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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 246

Pushing the Panic Button

  1. Do the technical explanations enable you to form a mental picture of the space battle in Karlos Allen’s “"Trouble with the Natives”?

  2. In what ways are the android and big businessmen alike in Bill Bowler’s “Hallowed Space”?

  3. What is lesson about the power of man and nature in James Brian King’s “Hunter of the East”?

  4. Is Sean E. Markey’s “Reconnected” a short story or a prose poem? In what ways does it contain elements of both?

  5. Is anyone not affected by panic in Connie Vigil Platt’s “The Peeping Tom”?

  6. Hunter Lily Troy’s “Thin and Bone” could have been played for laughs. What comic device leads the reader to expect it? Why is the story not a comedy?

  7. To what literary genre does Pete Sierra’s “My Heavenly Realm Capers” belong? Under the humor, what philosophical world views does it portray?

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