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by Gloria Watts

The wind howls and raindrops pound my head. The streets are empty, and moonlight flickers at my feet.

I’m lost.

Don’t know how it happened, must have taken a wrong turn.

Footsteps echo. I peer into the darkness, see nothing.

They grow louder, and I start to feel... edgy.

I shrug my shoulders, feeling foolish.

A hand catches my throat. I see nothing, but feel fingers pressing... choking. My mouth opens but the scream is caught in a hand rammed against my mouth; blood tastes salty against my teeth.

An arm clutches at my waist drawing me close. I smell sour sweat; feel the wetness of a mouth against my cheek. The hand moves, covers the bottom half of my face until my breath becomes a shallow gasp that racks my chest and I know I am dying.

A laugh, soft and sensual, a laugh I half remember brings snapshots to my head. Alicia — blue eyes in a heart-shaped face, and a smile, mocking even as it faded. A knife... blood... dead, but her memory lingers as she whispers ‘Come and join me.’

Copyright © 2007 by Gloria Watts

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