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How Did Love Go?

by Harry Louis Mora

An angel appeared to me,
Green-tint, hazel eyes and flowing brown hair.
Her smile melted the frozen shell where my heart was hidden,
Protected from the empty years endured.
I had walked this lonely path before
Never having expected
Nor in fanciful thought envisioned
That my love would be found there.

Her voice broke the silence of all those quiet years,
A decade where honor had stifled the cries of my unloved heart.

A quest for chivalry had in this cold armor my misery secured.
My angel appeared to me at Yuletide
When all faiths speak of miracles.
There a nearly faithless man found a miracle unsought
A new faith in this...

How does love come?
It comes unsought not traded.
How does love go?
True love would have never faded.

Copyright © 2008 by Harry Louis Mora

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