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Challenge 277

Table for One and a Half

  1. In Crystalwizard’s Spellbound, why might Jason have returned early, besides the dramatic necessity of his being the cavalry riding to the rescue?

  2. In Bertil Falk’s “The Klörtser Ride,” the Belyrs’ sand trap proves ineffective. Do you think the reason should be given immediately, or can it wait?

  3. In John Birge’s “A Benevolent Supremacy,” What does the departing Esh’s surprised question imply?

  4. Does Brad Jasperson’s “Lunch With Dave” contain a paradox?

  5. Travis A. Moore’s “Tom, an Invisible Man”:

    1. The story contains a number of images, mostly similes. In what way are many of them comic?
    2. Does the sentiment involving the coin match the tone of the rest of the story?
  6. Does R D Larson’s “To Die” imply a moral about premonitions?

  7. Michael Lee Johnson’s “Mother, Edith, at 98” could easily have lapsed into maudlin sentimentality. How does the poem avoid it?

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