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R D Larson, Mama Tried to Raise a Lady

reviewed by Pamela Faye

Author: R D Larson
Publisher: Fictionwise, 2000
ISBN: 0-914367-35-5
‘Pop said his list was longer than the Pope’s dress.’

From historic fiction the author RD Larson takes the reader to another era in time when country life meandered through the toils of old, forever lifting humor from the tireless tasks of the 20th century. In those days ‘Mama Tried to Raise a Lady’ ... but “Baby” loved to roll in the dust with the Labrador while she imitated his scratching at fleas.

This Puget Sound author RD Larson tells a humorous tale to enthrall the imagination of all with: “I ran straight at old Billy... and Pop grabbed the rope, bull-dogging the errant goat amid hoots of laughter from the guests.”

‘Mama Tried to Raise a Lady’ will have anthology lovers seeking RD Larson’s book of short stories, only one of many by the Washington author. Amazon delivers the anthology book worldwide, from Peach Blossom Publishing and

RD Larson’s talent for multi genre works carries through endless short stories from the author. In “Original Sin: The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost”, Myra was addicted to men and parties. “Malaise” one of the anthology stories from within ‘Original Sin’ was recently released through Paper Journey Press, North Carolina.

>From West to East the author RD Larson is making a name for herself as a prolific writer.

For movie producers RD Larson is the author of the suspense thriller “Evil Angel”, now adapted to screenplay, and presently being delivered to movie producers as a future film production that will chill the blood of movie buffs around the world. This thriller is the story about a heavenly face with the heart of an Evil Angel. She is the beauty Terri who, “When her husband walks out on her insane jealousies and fantasies, the Evil Angel becomes real to Terri — materializing to guide her on a path of manic violence and death.”

Co-author with Louise Ulmer, RD Larson also delivers to readers, “Saving Reverend Clayton.” Through the storytelling of this novel, the gates of hell open with a searing fire igniting in the Methodist church while Myra Baynes attempts to save Reverend Wallace Ward Clayton.

RD Larson leaps from the purity of the Methodist Minister to the wages of sin, to a saucy June File, a hooker-- the client of a private eye. The characters created for “Sloppy Seconds” are as fast and loose with the law as they are with the English language. In “Sloppy Seconds” RD Larson’s creative talents take the reader on a hilarious romp through “Marion Riles ‘Soft-boiled detective stories’.” The latest “Marion Riles, Soft-boiled Detective Stories” is called, oddly enough, “Call Girl Calling.”

RD Larson has not forgotten the holiday season. “Christmas at Red Dog Road” won the Washington author first prize in a short story anthology to be released from in the fall. That story is also included in BeWrite’s Kaleidoscope released in August. “The Christmas Card” is another of RD’s joyous tales of Yule Tide.

In the anthology soon to be released “Mama Tried to Raise a Lady” the action becomes fast paced when Mama cries that Pop “was meaner than cat manure and twice as nasty”. She pitched another plate. It didn’t break, just rolled around on the floor ending in a clatter. She’d woke the dead again! Pop blew up then! ... “I’ll be back when I’ve cooled off!” ‘The back door slammed and, seconds later, I heard the old pickup roar down the driveway. I stayed where I was, safe under the table; after all, it wasn’t my fight.” From days of old emerge timeless tales.’

With this abundance of talent, RD Larson has a brilliant future as an author whose literary works will be long sought after by readers around the world.

Copyright © 2008 by Pamela Faye

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