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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 296

A for Effort

  1. At the end of O. J. Anderson’s “Dying to Kill,” the “A” inside a red triangle hints at a sequel. Has this symbol appeared before in any of Jack Creed’s adventures?

  2. At the end of Elliot R. Dorfman’s “The Birthday Gift,” does Art travel backwards in time? Sideways? If so, to what time? What might the consequences be?

  3. What is the difference between Jim Harrington’s “A Forever Love” and the story of Romeo and Juliet? Which is more compelling: the Montagu-Capulet feud or bureaucratic edicts?

  4. In Jason Earls’ “Mersenne’s Mistake,” what is Mersenne’s “mistake”? Bonus question: Why might the lost formula for finding consecutive prime numbers have never been rediscovered?

  5. How might Jeremy Poolet’s “Sand Castle” be interpreted by a psychologist? A philosopher? A Romantic poet?

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