Issue 298

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 298

Novels Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Chapter X Redefinition, part 1; part 2

Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three: Changing Hearts
Chapter 4: Free and Easy
Chapter 5: Home Discomforts
Novella Danielle L. Parker, The Bats of Elvidner, part 1; parts 2-3
Serials Shannon J. Prince, Why Magicians Have No Epitaphs, conclusion
O. J. Anderson, Die Already, II, part 1; conclusion
Ian Cordingley, Cleaving of the Mind
Gary Inbinder, Survival Among the Fittest
John W. Steele, The Achiever, part 1; conclusion
Fiona Davis, The Far Side of the Moon
Jennifer Walmsley, Into the Light
Oonah V Joslin, Ludek’s Dawn
Anna Ruiz, Lovers, Bedpans and Skunks
Essay Ed Burger, A Duck is Not a Human, part 1


Challenge Challenge 298: Conquest Too Late
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