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Danielle L. Parker, The Infinite Instant

reviewed by Jerry Wright

The Infinite Instant
Author: Danielle L. Parker
Publisher: Lachesis, 2008
Trade Paper: $14.95
Length: 275 pp.
ISBN: 1-897370-53-9
The Infinite Instant is a well done mix of Raymond Chandler and Andre Norton. Minuet James, mutant mind reader (a.k.a. Paranormal) owns “Minuet James Paranormal Services Agency.” As a one-person investigative agency, she’s making enough to survive, but she’s not getting rich. A rich, Harvard educated member of a powerful crime family is in love with her, and she’s attracted and repelled at the same time.

Then, everything crashes in at once. Her digital assistant Miss Bateman is showing signs of enhanced intelligence, some powerful people are blackballing her agency, and then she is framed for a triple murder.

The novel takes place far enough in the future that interstellar travel is established, but under the direct control of the Navigator family. They have control because only that family has the ability to take a starship across space. And now they want Minuet to discover whodunnit, who pirated a King’s ransom in StarStones, and sent the disminded pilot back to Earth.

In the meantime, Minuet, one of the very few Class A telepaths, has a dirty little secret of her own, which could put her in solitary confinement for the rest of her life.

This tightly written, very noir novel moves from Minneapolis to the glitter of Las Vegas, and in the end ties up many of the loose ends in a logical little ball. And one of the questions answered is “Where did this paranormal power come from?” The answer will surprise you as much as it does Minuet.

I read this book right through and found it gritty but enjoyable. And I’m looking forward to the sequel.

Copyright © 2009 by Jerry Wright

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