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Love At First Sight

by Ashutosh Ghildiyal


Like a strange unheard melody,
was her velvety voice.
When I heard it, time stood still;
and that moment lasted forever.
I heard all the music I have ever
heard in that voice of hers.
I lived all the lives I have ever lived
at that moment.


Never was I more unconscious of myself.
She was there, like a dove,
and she was all I saw.
Nothing else existed,
I was enveloped in the mystical mist of love.
All senses heightened,
blood rushing up my veins,
my heart crumpling like a sock,
I beheld her with a bated breath.


It was a soft, magical night,
as if out of a dream. Indeed, it was a dream!
What else it could be?
In that dream, I spent a lifetime with her.
Standing at that corner,
I sang songs with her, I drank with her,
I slept and woke up with her.
I saw the meadows, the greens,
and the birds flying in the sky,
singing with a thousand beautiful voices.
I saw the brilliant rainbows, and the sunlight
peeping through the trees.


Softer than the softest were her hands,
prettier than the prettiest was her face,
denser than a rainforest was her lovely hair,
lovelier than the loveliest was her voice,
with which she said my name.
My name, was it MY name she said?
It never sounded so different before.
But wait!


Was it all just a game?
I felt something. What did I feel?
What was it that in my consciousness did linger?
Then I saw the scenes fading before my eyes,
the birds vanishing, the trees evaporating,
and emerging from the clouds,
I saw a thing shiny and sparkling;
and felt a strange sensation in my throat,
and let out a groan,
as I beheld the ring on her finger!

Copyright © 2009 by Ashutosh Ghildiyal

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