Issue 333

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 333

Novel Richard K. Lyon, The Long Dark Road to Wizardry
Book VI: The Puppet’s War
Episode 5: The Puppet
Episode 6: Moment of Decision
Novella John W. Steele, Beyond the Island, chapter 5
Serial Elaine Graham-Leigh, Why We Fight, part 1; part 2
Ian Cordingley, Base Ten
Bruce Durham, Upstream
R. Scott McCoy, The Horse Cusser
Ayesha Pervez, Sanjeeda
Tom Mahony, Windowless Van
Keith Wallis, Clive’s Journey
Poetry Ashutosh Ghildiyal, Junk Output
John Stocks, Fete


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Bruce Durham,
Challenge Challenge 333: The Ear Speaks
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