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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 353

A Pair of Visits

  1. In Bill Bowler’s The Bohemian:
    1. All things considered, why might it seem unlikely that Mrak could visit Wobble’s apartment alone in “The Warning”?
    2. In “The Fateful Night,” who is the father of Cynthia’s baby? She doesn’t want to see Wobble: why, then, does she talk to him at all?
    3. What do we learn of Wobble’s strength and weakness from his reaction to Cynthia’s alleged pregnancy? In the end does he inadvertently heed Mrak’s warning?
    4. Does any part of Mrak’s confession ring true? What seems false in the form and content?
  2. In Gabriel Timar’s The Hades Connection, chapter 17, what might seem implausible in the account of Esther’s role in the air hijacking?

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