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Kevin Grover

It’s rare — but not unprecedented — to “welcome” a veteran contributor. However, it is unprecedented to welcome one who has no bio sketch. Even so, we welcome back Kevin Grover as a veteran contributor: he has stories in issues 49 and 50. Our custom of welcome messages was not yet established in Bewildering Stories’ Year 1.

“The Sentinel v. 1.0” is a haunting time-travel story. At least, Peter senses that he has traveled in time. But is it really a time-travel story? The adult Peter tells us — and his time-traveling self, who doesn’t heed the evidence — that the machine he has invented is not a time machine at all. Can the past be changed? No, but it can be relived.

Kevin Grover’s bibliography can be found here.

Welcome back to Bewildering Stories, Kevin. We hope to hear from you again... more often!

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