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by Arnold Hollander

when did you decide?
the leaves are turning
and soon they will fall.
did I say too much?
we spoke of dreams
and I spoke in big terms;
I thought eloquence
would convince you.
did I say too little?
I failed to use that word
because I thought
being attuned to me
would feel it.
love is, after all,
a primal emotion.
could you not tell
from my actions
like the flowers I
gave you on a Thursday,
a sweet Thursday,
for no particular occasion?
did I listen to you
when you cried over
the loss of your dog?
I held you close
until your tears ceased
flowing, kissing the
remaining ones away.
you said that there
was room in your heart
and I could remain
safe inside
like a locket with
latch sealed.
what broke the latch
to the locket
of your heart?

the leaves
are now falling
as are my tears.

Copyright © 2009 by Arnold Hollander

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