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by Arnold Hollander

Leaving on the morrow and I just picked up my pay,
my backpack’s been ready, for a long time some might say.
I feel our love is tarnished, it no longer has that glow,
and it’s now departure time, I thought you ought to know.

The cause was not another, nor was it what you said;
I’m not sure there’s one reason rolling ’round inside my head.
It’s just we’ve grown apart and interests are not the same.
Perhaps you think I’m wrong and my reasoning is lame.

Well, if it is, there’s still time for you to show me that you care;
time to think about experience, things that we both share.
The vacations we enjoyed and the traveling far and wide.
What was it in our lives that left you so unsatisfied?

There are many roads to travel and we choose which way to go.
The road we chose meandered full of fun sometimes of woe,
but we walked that road together and created a strong bond.
Would that we continue on that journey of which I grew so fond.

We might get back on the road and travel for a bit,
and coming to a fork, stay together rather than just split.
That is just a suggestion and I’ll await your call
For if it works out there’ll be satisfaction for all.

Copyright © 2010 by Arnold Hollander

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