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V. Ulea, About Angels, etc.


About Angels, etc.
Author: V. Ulea
Publisher: Livingston Press
Dec. 2002
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ISBN: 1931982015


No myth about creation of angels exists.
Their appearance sheds light on the appearance of mankind
Creation of angels
— the first intelligent creatures created by God —
Creation of Man

About Angels
Creatures Strictly Obedient and Strictly Disobedient,
About Their Way of Living and Way of Thinking,
About the Problem of Their Duplication
And Attempts to Generate
The Artificial Angelic Intellect
From the Imperfect Human Soul;
About Eve,
Her Considerable Role in Adam’s Development

In No Matter Which Field of Study
Written By a Modest Scholar
Who Prefers to Remain Anonymous


Angels were God’s first clones.
They appeared before His concept of sex.
It took God a while until He saw all wrongs
Of that system of reproduction, far from success.
He left it for angels, bacteria, and cells —
All invisible in more advanced organisms.


God had serious disagreements with Darwin.
He was never an adherent of that school,
Especially after He was unsuccessfully trying
To squeeze from the angel something cool.

As follows from that perfidious Darwin’s theory,
God was from the underdeveloped angel,
And all His personal achievements were nearly
The results of occasional mutations.

But the angel will never become a god,
Since it has no sufficient talent.
It’s never been promoted in the heavenly vault
Where he was docile, not ardent.

It’s the most conservative creature in the world.
All times it wears the same color and ornament
And is as ambitious as a bird
That flies no higher than it’s predetermined.


God’s intention to create angels
Has no logical explanation, indeed.
Having established Europe and Asia,
Why would the Almighty ever need
To seek assistance from anyone in this universe?
He was powerful enough. At that point,
Angels, as helpers, were completely useless
And in the kingdom of God — unemployed.


Angels are always politically correct.
Among them don’t try to find anything eminent.
The angel knows how to have his effect,
And it’s not in the clouds, though heavenly inhabitant.


The creation of man is explained by the fact
That God was striving to extend variety.
The identity of angels seriously weighed
Upon God who realized that He would hardly
Create anything creative from that pair of wings.
So God started His new project,
Convincing Himself that God always wins.
He created Adam who became the object
Of God’s new experiments. God made Adam from clay,
Expecting from him more than the “angelic” submission.
All in vain! Adam was obedient in every way:
He didn’t understand what was his mission.


God realized that all his plans
Concerning Adam were rather utopian.
And even though Adam named animals and plants,
He merely obeyed Him. Still, God was hoping
To get from Adam the desirable feedback.
This, certainly, wasn’t easy.
God found Adam’s center of curiosity while he took a nap,
And drew it out instantly under general anesthesia.
The center of curiosity is linked to tickling.
Most of the tickling is located in ribs.
So Eve appeared in the end of the evening,
Holding her smile in the kind, plump lips.


Eve was made from a different stuff
To avoid the difficulties God faced in Adam.
She was much more mature than Adam and tough.
Her genetic substance predisposed her sudden
Interest in things surrounding the world
That seemed to her too good to be Eden:
From the first sight she suspected a fraud
And never trusted its ephemeral freedom.


Angels have one and the same dream.
If you search them during their anabiosis,
They dream of triangles of Pythagorean theorem,
Since the equality is their only focus.


The fallen angel works with an individual,
Unlike the unfallen one who appeals to a collective.
It uses all modern means, audio and visual,
And it’s very selective.


That poor Serpent every morning encountered Adam
With the same suggestion — to eat for breakfast
The Forbidden Fruit instead of his sickly sweet banana.
But Adam marched past, without showing interest.

The Serpent was fed up with his role of recruit.
He knew that he’d get no sense out of Adam
Who was programmed not to look at the Fruit.
But here Eve appeared, all of a sudden.

Eve had no concrete goal.
Unlike all other entities,
She was determined to define her role
In accordance with her own propensities.


A fruit is a fruit. If you have no taste,
It really doesn’t matter what’s in your mouth.
Eve was completely predisposed to digest
Her forbidden dessert. And that’s what counts.

Eve manifested a considerable splash
That pushed the system away from monotony.
She let Adam know that he had flesh,
Not only a soul, and that they must be in harmony.


Adam had no free will.
Whatever he enforced,
He automatically fulfilled
All expectations of each of his bosses.
When God brought to him a wife,
He named her a wife;
He had no questions,
He didn’t strive
For all that was forbidden;
He did what they said;
He cultivated Eden
By his own sweat;
He dumped all blame on Eve,
He didn’t feel remorse.
He seemed to be naive,
And he really was.


Eve was the first one who experienced personally
How it feels to be a daughter-in-law in Eden.
“Under the wing” of God, she had only
The privilege to break even.

In that paradise Eve never felt Ok
After tasting the Fruit, she realized that the heat was fierce,
And that she was difficult to sculpt, for she wasn’t from clay,
And that only abroad she’d find peace.


The true story of the Fruit is the following:
Man who gave up his well-being
To obtain the knowledge from the Tree of Trouble
Didn’t find a desirable meaning.
The meaning is, naturally, above the fruit.
The knowledge can be easily swallowed,
But to find the meaning one should get at the root.
For that, the mind is required.
After eating the Fruit, Man knew Eve, his wife,
And transformed the earth to please her.
But he’s constantly searching for the meaning of life
Since that part in the Fruit was missing.

Copyright © 2010 by V. Ulea

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