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Undisclosed Temptation

by Marina J. Neary

“Do not go up that mountain, little Josh!”
His mother cried and trembled in despair.
“When you’re alone, who will be there to wash
Your bloody knees and stroke your sweaty hair?
Don’t listen to your father; he tells lies.
I swear to you by all that lives and moves,
This world does not deserve your sacrifice.
Sweet child, don’t throw your body to the wolves!
Just walk away, disown your destiny.
Don’t be ashamed to fail this wretched test.
Forsake your friends and come along with me.
Fathers have plans, but mothers know what’s best.”
But Josh looked up and saw the dark clouds gather,
And up the mountain went to meet his father.

Copyright © 2010 by Marina J. Neary

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