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In the Showroom Cinema: October

by John Stocks

This is a place to fall in love
To share a joke, a glass of wine
The time of day, and later watch
As autumn twilight gathers in.

And this is the place to observe
The rain, the way you toss your hair,
The hidden subtext
In your subtle, ironic smile.

To watch you as you read your book,
Occasionally looking up
To cast your eye on the stranger
Who is loitering at the bar.

This is the time to fall in love
With the first soft mists of autumn
Rising from the crush of fallen leaves,
A sharp chill drifting in from the north.

This is the place to fall in love
And chase oblivion with a kiss
That crackles like a Samhain fire
And intimates a journey to
The landscape of possibility.

Nothing more (or less),
But hope where there was none,
A glimmer of light in the darkness,
A creative madness of desire.

Copyright © 2010 by John Stocks

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