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Kir Bulychev

The late Kir Bulychev hardly qualifies as a “new contributor” in the traditional sense. The “contributor” is actually our Coordinating Editor Bill Bowler, who was fascinated by Bulychev’s novella “Half a Life” and kindly undertook a translation in order to make the story immediately accessible to the readers of Bewildering Stories. I’m sure everyone will find Bill’s translation notes interesting as well as informative.

The author, whose real name was Igor V. Mozheiko, had a fascinating career as a scholar of southeast Asian studies, particularly Burma. Equally interesting — and rather sad — is the story of his parallel literary career. But Soviet academic bureraucracy has never been the only one to frown upon literature; it has its counterparts in the West as well.

Kir Bulychev’s bio sketch can be found here.

Bewildering Stories thanks Bill Bowler for making "Half a Life" accessible to our readers. We’ll be looking forward to Nadezhda’s story in the next five chapters!

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