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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 407

If It Weren’t for Bad Luck...

  1. In Gary Inbinder’s “Mr. Eisenstein’s Holiday”:

    1. What is the historical allusion in the choice of the name Eisenstein? How is the use of the name ironic?
    2. Is there poetic justice in Laura’s leaving Eisenstein?
    3. Eisenstein classifies the obstreperous family with Latin-like terminology. What does his word choice imply?

  2. One might argue that Morris Jacks’ “Grin, Grimlyn Grim” is a vignette, a chapter in a larger work, or a complete story in itself. Which do you think it is?

  3. In Gregory W. Ellis’ “The Light of an Oncoming Train,” since Vlad intervenes personally to collect his booty from the Devil’s Disciples, does he need to hire Quint Dallas to do it for him?

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