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House of Six

by Gary Hewitt

At the house of six I spotted a steroid mouse.
He ran furiously away from a ravenous pig,
And the piano was played by a tail forked Diablo,
And tapping his feet was a green-scaled dragon,
And all the while I dreamed of oblivion,
And to my head I pointed a magnum.

The barrel was fat of this lazy magnum.
I shot a bullet yet missed the mouse.
He pointed his ears in blissful oblivion
And dared me to shoot the pig,
Who cleaned the teeth of the green-scaled dragon,
Under the gaze of amused Diablo.

That demon clapped, this devious Diablo,
And bade me raise my murderous magnum,
To dare me to shoot the green-scaled dragon.
And on his back hopped a laughing mouse,
To the hearth came the hungry pig,
To see my eyes gaze to oblivion.

My thoughts blank in antiquated oblivion,
A walkman sang, ‘twas the fellow Diablo,
Who yanked the tail of our unfortunate pig.
And me, I sucked a smoking magnum.
With impatient paws lurked the hiding mouse,
And most bemused was the green-scaled dragon.

‘Oh do come on,’ boomed the green-scaled dragon,
For his impatience did question oblivion,
And on his tongue danced the balding mouse,
For his fur was singed by that rascal Diablo.
And to him I pointed my loaded magnum,
And he released the curly tail of the pompous pig.

To me did run a liberated pig,
Avoiding the breath of the green-scaled dragon.
My hands did tremble with a sweaty magnum,
Thinking, ‘Am I dead or in sweet oblivion?’
Laughter tweeted from a red-skinned Diablo,
Who listened dear to his good friend mouse.

And to me the pig confessed of oblivion,
The green-scaled dragon deferred to Diablo.
I disarmed and gave the mouse the magnum.

Copyright © 2011 by Gary Hewitt

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