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Tidal Ebb and Flow

by Hongping Liu

Flowers wither in the solitude of trees;
trilling birds loose their songs deep in the mountains.
Pounding waves reveal the ocean’s depth.
The sound of your name deepens my loneliness.

Winds wend their mysterious way;
each cloud’s magic is different.
Stars shine covertly;
your eyes twinkle brightly.

My heart seeks you
wherever you may be;
your gaze
always arouses expectation in me.

As you edge into my yearning consciousness
I am full of spring,
but when the vision of you fades
autumn fills my being.

Soon fallen leaves
don white cloaks
as snow swirls down
and cuckoos echo my wishes.

Though mercurial circumstances may arise.
I treasure your affectionate smile.
I see the season changing
as I capture your errant eyes.

Though I may fall in love again,
tides that rise and fall
doom my dreams from the start.
You will leave me alone once again.

Copyright © 2011 by Hongping Liu

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