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Never Trust Witches

by Farida Samerkhanova

My wife said it was too hot outside and stayed home.

I was sitting on the bench near the pond when a girl came up to me. Right away I could tell that she was not a human being. She had wild sparkles in her eyes. She said that she could turn me into an animal, just for ten minutes if I wanted. The experiment did not scare me. I somehow liked the witch. Her name was Belinda.

The little witch turned me into a rabbit. I felt uncomfortable because I was very close to the ground. Trees and bushes were so big.

A female rabbit approached me and I immediately found myself at her back doing my job. In a few moments it was over. I felt relaxed. The female rabbit ran away. Life was good. I lay in the sun enjoying the day.

The bliss was interrupted by Belinda. My time was over. I jumped to the bushes. The metamorphosis was neither painful nor unpleasant. I felt OK. All my clothes were on me, as they ought to be. Everything around had the right size. I looked back and saw the witch. She was waving to me.

It was only when I came home that I realized what I had done. I had sex with somebody else! I was a cheater. I was standing on the porch. It was hard to do regular things, like turning the key, kissing my wife and looking into her eyes.

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Copyright © 2011 by Farida Samerkhanova
photo © Aygul Anikina

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