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Challenge 450

Now You Tell Me

  1. In Dan Reed’s “Boys from the Neighborhood” how does Tom Farrell’s vision of society contrast with that of corporate feudalism? Does the story imply an alternative for a futuristic — or contemporary — dark age?

  2. In S. J. McKenzie’s “The Smith and the Water-Horse,” what is the function of the priest? What tension does the character add to the story?

  3. In Mary B. McArdle’s Give Them Wine, chapter 24:

    1. Everybody but Donas and Rani seem to know what’s going on. Up to Lionel’s revelation, has Mak given any indication that he’s been acting as a double agent? Has he told Rani that he’s informed Lionel of Donas’ plans?

    2. Nakoma’s motives are explained, but what else remains to be explained that Donas has a right to be worried about?

    3. Lionel says he lets Donas go through with her plans to escape for fear she might devise an even more ingenious ruse. Why is his reasoning not entirely persuasive? Lionel and the other South People knew of Donas’ origin and concerns. What might they have done to allay her doubts in advance? Has Lionel really done much to earn Donas’ trust?

    4. Without reading ahead, what do you think Donas, Mak and Rani might do next?

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