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Halloween Night

by Arnold Hollander

It’s Halloween Night and I’ve had a fright.
I must share this story with you.
I conversed with the dead! Have I lost my head?
Well, yes, and I’m sure you would too.

It was twenty to four when I went to the door
Expecting to see little kids
In costumes so neat, shouting “Trick or treat.”
What awaited put me on the skids.

As I answered the knock, did I get a shock:
An apparition stood before me.
Straggly hair and one eye — such a pitiful guy.
“What a wonderful costume, I see.”

I reached for some candy to give to this dandy
Whose costume looked more like a shroud.
And when I turned back found he’d opened a sack
Filled with souls who moaned and soughed.

“I’m here to collect the soul you have left.
Soul-snatching is just what I do.”
Skeletal fingers reached out and I started to shout,
Jumping back in a hullaballoo.

I reached for the knob, it was just too macabre.
My intent was to shut the door.
Before I could commit, by a snake I was bit,
And I started to slide to the floor.

Alas and alack I believe I am back
And fully recovered, you see.
So come on inside, I’ve got nothing to hide —
Just a bag full of goodies... for me.

Copyright © 2011 by Arnold Hollander

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