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Nervous Wanderings

Hollywood Nymph

by Alessandro Cusimano

Serendipity is in a motley
bungalow where
all the plans begin to jell

Wendy lives in Queer Street
dressed in a persuasive crocodile

Wendy is photogenic
Wendy is pyromaniac

Wendy has the nerve
of a squeezed orange
in the still of the night

Wendy gets up with a jerk
dreaming of a trip
to Temptation

odds and ends
jests and straitjackets
phoney excuses


Wendy is the perfect woman
of straw

along with a braggart in
a jammy loft
or the rakehell of the day

next to the rose gardens
Wendy is the lover

of the betrayals

with the intent to entertain
radio stars
movie makers

fumy outlines
and Raiders

speaking into a wonky

chasing a nine days’ wonder
the crucial romance

confusional states of America

Copyright © 2012 by Alessandro Cusimano

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