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Excellent Madman

by Alessandro Cusimano

I have an iron will

proof that the gimmick can work

from the human to the animal
from darkness to light

in my notebooks I sketched the abyss
the dung heap of inequality
the beast moves into the mire of Eden

my personality is fading away
rubbing the impalpable
overcoming my resistance

able to live everywhere
to improve in the everywhere

policy and carelessness
skinned apartments
rotten wood of worm-eaten chairs

shackling is a form of burial

reason and unconsciousness
my devotion to these two grim sisters
if only I could find a way
to deal with them

without turning away from myself
from the unreasonable friend

from the excellent madman
towering above
locked up
image finds truly exceptional mirrors
revealing the animal to the same beast

at least for the time of a glance

the taste of a ripe melon
is the meaning of a moral dilemma

everything at once

Copyright © 2012 by Alessandro Cusimano

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