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by David Barber

Where to begin? Others
will describe what is called culture;
sufficient to say they have invented
money, warfare, science and lies.

You will be amused to hear they boast
a deity who built the cosmos for them
— a version of the Telescope Argument —
God is universally big
or looked at another way
sees sparrows fall.

They enjoy many quaint customs
like equality and freedom, though
photographs of these proved elusive.

Much effort is expended with sockets and pipework
instead of binary fission. While the attachment,
Where Babies Come From, is off-
putting, it is only biology.

The post-reproductive caste
are willing to discuss entropy
at great length. This is health.
Permanent death seems common
and unique information is often
buried in the ground.

More pathological is their claim
that love conquers all, a mistake
they will regret when a Locust Fleet
sniffs out their broadcasts.

Copyright © 2012 by David Barber

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