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Charles M. Knudsen

Charles is a teacher and writer and lives in Shizuoka, Japan. He has written film scripts, a textbook, an education column for a newspaper, and is now turning his attention to writing fiction.

Two themes that interest Charles particularly are consciousness and optimism. Both are evident in his riveting and oddly moving story “Interference Patterns.”

The hero, Carl, is a slovenly agoraphobe and a hard person to like, as his new neighbors, the Kamakuras, soon discover. But Carl is also human and very lonely. His descent into psychosis gradually leads to self-awareness, and with the help of an e-friend who comes to check on him, he begins to venture out under the sky.

Carl realizes that he, like quantum particles, are everywhere at once until they are observed. With his own and his friend’s observation, Carl finally begins to take shape.

Charles M. Knudsen’s bio sketch can be found here.

Thank you for what is surely one of the most remarkable stories of the year, Charles. And welcome to Bewildering Stories. We hope to hear from you again soon and often!

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