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The Cost of Love

by Hongping Liu

I once loved you; my sight
has intrigued me into a labyrinth.
I wandered there,
your luster issuing forth
and then out of sight.

I once loved you, my sense
has led me into desert.
I was ringed by the blazing sun.
To seek the oasis in my dreamland;
I dared not stop my feet.

I once loved you; my love
has thrust me into the ocean.
I imagined soaring
in the tumult of passion.
Sadly, hitting rocks,
I was broken in pieces.

Love is like clouds:
after being chased
they flow down as raindrops.
Love is like curses:
after endless puzzles,
I’ve found myself confused.

Having passed by on the road,
gone is love.
Through vicissitudes
my heart is filled with love,
knowing the cost of love.

Copyright © 2012 by Hongping Liu

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