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Timewave Zero

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The Case Against Chaos

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

We were promised
Trick candles and red velvet cake,
Midnight fireworks,
Champagne in cave-crystal flutes.
You wore a Tom Ford tuxedo in abyss blue.
My transparent gown of glitter
Made promises the night could not keep.

Giant screens showed a split-screen view
Of asteroid and missile.
Bach filled the silence.
No one will ever know
What ruined the math.

In a flash,
Our skeletons fused in cognizant embrace.

Had I more time,
I like to think I would have told you,
Nothing of me was true
And I destroyed every universe
In which we would not meet
Just to spend these seven years
Entangled with you.

Copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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