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Timewave Zero

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An Interview Without Coffee

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Some responsible creature
Who could break the brain chemical trance
Induced by our brand of copulation
Should detach and close the window
Against the apricot stream of sun,
Tango of cut-grass breeze
Twirling French lace curtains
High and wide.
We have trespassed into the unaccountable.
Apocalyptic climax after climax,
I am so emblazoned with you,
I am beyond you,
Hunting you again.

I have kicked
2.5 marriages
Out from under you.
I have juggled rain and fire
With such calculation
And informational eclipse
That one does not know
The other exists,
Just to meet you at 3 a.m.’s
And between sets,
To vibrate against your voice,
Melt into the hum of you.

My feet trample the headboard.
Some interloper
Stalks by our window
Slower this time.
You turn me sideways
So you can see bounce.
My briefcase is full of science
To stop the ending of time
And I am hours late
For the perfect crime.
If tomorrow comes
I am sure to have
An interview without coffee.

Copyright © 2012 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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