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Joanna M. Weston, A Summer Father


A Summer Father
Author: Joanna M. Weston
Publisher: Frontenac House, Sept. 2006
Length: 79 pp.
ISBN: 1897181051
Army Next Door

I went looking
for the footprints
of my childhood war
under rhododendrons
and cedars

I found math exercises
tennis rackets, ribbons
old hockey scores
and smudged, pulped, papers

heard army voices shout
amongst park trees
troops deploy
tanks crank past
jeeps buzz destinations
deserted forms drift
like spring blossom
into rubbished piles
and I wondered why
why we saved school-books
erased paragraphs
“because of the war”

the soldiers vanished
like Father
in the space
of one holiday
left only a paved road
around the park’s perimeter
which cracked, grew weeds

A Nursery War

we played follow-the-spitfire
the bomber’s-bridge has fallen down

here’s one fair-lady-o
buried with no funeral
in the crook of a tree
hidden by blossom
so that no one could find me

for I am the child
whose bones were ground
to make bread for war

War Cemetery

I looked for
my father in a field
but found only
his name
out in public

I disliked
his being shared
by beetles, swallows
and the glazed view of tourists

wanted to erase his name
from eyes
wrapped around the letters
carrying them
all over the world
like ashes
on the wind

Joanna M. Weston

Shawnigan Lake, B.C., Canada. Married, has two cats, multiple spiders, a herd of deer, and two derelict hen-houses. Her middle-reader, Those Blue Shoes, published by Clarity House Press. Poetry: A Summer Father published by Frontenac House of Calgary. Her eBook The Willow Tree Girl is available at her blog.

Copyright © 2013 by Joanna M. Weston

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