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To Space and Back

by John Grey

Growing Up

My teddy bear no longer speaks,
The garden is bereft of fairies.
Cupboard monsters have given way
To shirts and pants and shoes.
Thank God for the witch
Soaring across the sky overhead,
Otherwise it’s all real.


I’m out in deep space,
Light-years from where I started,
Light-years from where I’m going to.

Aaaah —
Never thought I’d make it.

Expanding Universe

In reality,
I’m where I’ve never been before,
But comparatively
This is where I always am.

It’s the relentless expansion,
It’s the on-going
Journey to stasis.

Near Journey’s End

Only another mile to the village,
But the sun is setting,
Shadows lengthening.
What was many trees
Is now the one
Closing in around us.
I see lights up ahead:
A house or something’s eyes.
So, how lucky
Are we all feeling?

Copyright © 2013 by John Grey

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