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Abbigail N. Rosewood

Abbigail characterizes herself as a “vagabond at heart” and as a writer who thrives on contradictions, predicaments, tragedy, and creating fictional characters. She has published extensively on line and in literary journals and won considerable recognition.

The Letum Drive” is set in a near-future world where suicidal depression has become an unpredictably contagious epidemic. There is no cure, but a kind of vaccine can be made by siphoning hope out of the brains of terminally ill patients.

The vaccine does not always work; an overdose can be deadly. Alexandro proposes to treat the disease by having victims confront their impulse and overcoming it. His remedy seems to have mixed results, as well. The result is a story that is bound to challenge the readers in many ways.

Abbigail N. Rosewood’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Abbigail. And thank you for a very provocative story.

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