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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 591

Turnips and Stones

  1. In Christopher E. Nelson’s “Shrisaelte and Dani,” what might Dani and Shrisaelte learn from their encounters with strangers?

  2. In Edward Ahern’s “Feathered Cloak”:

    1. Why does the cloak have feathers?
    2. What are the different functions of the color brown? Why do all the colors have the meanings they do?
    3. The boy is 9 years old. In what ways might he seem to be somewhat older?
    4. The boy discovers by accident the meanings of the various colors. Might he draw conclusions upon further experimentation? Is the character of Jörd really needed?
  3. In Bob Welbaum’s “Days With Rob... and Sherri”:

    1. How long has Rob lived without Sherri?
    2. What is Rob’s tragic flaw?
    3. Does Rob learn anything from his experience with Sherri? Does he really need her?
    4. How else might the story end? What might happen if Rob‘s friends try to fix him up by inviting a lady to their party?
  4. In Sarah Ann Watts’ Winter Ship, “Stranger from the Sea”:

    1. What might explain Jarmil’s ambivalence toward Kyran and his apparent change of heart concerning his captive or guest?

    2. Jarmil tells Kyran that Karishma is a kind of vampire. What relationship does Karishma appear to have with Jarmil and the “stone people”?

    3. General review: List the various incidents of psychological and physical abuse Kyran has suffered in the story to date. Are Kyran’s users and abusers lovers, sadists, opportunists, superstitious or what? Why does everybody seem to want to get rid of Kyran but not to kill him?

    4. How does Kyran feel about being constantly imprisoned, beaten, shackled, drugged, raped, seduced, etc.? Does he resent it? Has he gotten used to it? Does he seem to enjoy it, perversely? Does he feel he deserves it, for some reason? Does Kyran’s negotiation with Jarmil cast some light on his state of mind?

  5. Responses welcome!

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